About Us


Let’s start with this ambitious couple, Kris and Ann. Being third generation dairy farmers, in 1981 they ventured out on their own. First buying cows and later the home farm Kris was born on, milking their 40 cows in a 3-stall parlor. They kept adding little by little to their farm in the form of us.


Life was full…marriage, kids, farm. We worked a lot, played a lot of games, problem solved, ate a lot of meals around a cozy, booth-styled table… What we did, we did together.  Life was good!  Yet, little kids, don’t stay little.  As we began to grow, Dad and Mom wanted to provide us with an opportunity to continue this dairy life if that’s what we wanted.

In 1998 we came to a crossroad with our little farm which was quite close to town. What was good enough for Dad and Mom was just too small for added family members. Dad and Mom asked each of us what we wanted. Some of us were very interested and others moderately interested in staying on the farm. There were lots of long talks, discussions, planning, strategizing, dreaming, reality checking, and financial figuring. The conclusion was that we needed a larger farm where we could expand.

That dream became a reality in 2001 when we bought a larger dairy farm in the southern part of Wells County, Indiana. After needed renovations, we moved our family and cows to this larger farm in 2002. A few years later we started adding to our family again in the form of in-laws and grand-kids. Not all of us have stayed on the farm, but we all still have a deep love for dairy farming.

Here we are, three generations working together on this dairy farm we call Frauhiger Livestock. Because the dairy industry is so suppressed right now we are pursuing other enterprises as well. With the equipment we use for our dairy, we can provide these services to others. Custom chopping and draglining of liquid waste are available, as
well as the sale of compost and colored mulch.

Our plan is to keep having lots of long talks, discussions, planning, strategizing, dreaming, reality checking, and financial figuring to make this farm and what we do a positive thing for our families and our community.  We are learning as we go.  We’d love to have you along on our adventure.

Screenshot_2018-10-27 Tara Frauhiger ( tara frauhiger) • Instagram photos and videos
Our little Indians, minus a few who were napping