Until We Meet Again

Roger loved Pepsi

Roger went Home to be with Jesus this past Sunday. He was a man who started working for our Grandpa while he was farming. Then he phased into working for us. Click HERE if you missed our first post about Roger. To us, Roger has always been around. Now he is not. We are grieving, so happy for him, and remembering all at the same time. Looking back Roger taught us and fully lived some really important life lessons.

Roger working for Grandpa and Grandma
Roger’s bike leaned against our barn was a regular part of our childhood

Lessons he taught us:

  • Share willingly
  • Laugh often
  • Love everyone
  • Smile big
  • Talk to anyone
  • Embrace simple joys
  • If you cannot drive, ride your bike. There is more than one way to get things done.
  • Show up consistently
  • “Wear” joy (and a pocketknife 😊)
  • Angels are real. If you ever drove by Roger riding his bike at night, you know what we are talking about.

Sometimes we were torn between being irritated at Roger or just plain laughing. Roger’s personality was not refined like silk. He was more like chiseled gold. Some may think of Roger as simple-minded. Yet, it is apparent, by the lessons he taught us, that he simply knew how to live!

Until we meet again Roger! We love you!

Credits: Thank you to Roger’s family and Signature HealthCare for helping provide pictures.

One thought on “Until We Meet Again

  1. Thanks for an enlightening post about an individual with Integrity. May Roger rest in Peace and his memory keep y’all in line!


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