Frauhiger Livestock Extension Plan

There has been a considerable amount of mental energy that has gone into the thought of, “Where do we go from here?”! This thanksgiving we took a little time to sit around and talk about what we are thankful for and how the tornado has affected us. We each have personal take-a-ways from the tornado, yet a resounding peace amidst the unknown future.

As we mentally process moving on, I would not say we have a plan, but more of a “life banner” that we hope you can “read” by the lives we live. We look back and are so thankful for what Frauhiger Livestock taught us and in-grained in us. Yet, we realize that the best stories take some unexpected twists. That’s where the “Extension Plan” comes in…it’s the unexpected twist. Let’s be real, most of you reading this probably have had an “extension plan” or two in your life. Frauhiger Livestock may never be again?! We really don’t know. However, what Frauhiger Livestock has instilled in us will always be a part of us.

We witnessed a small taste of the power of God with the tornado. We have no doubt that a God who can create that much destruction in mere seconds yet has provided abundant grace in the aftermath; He will guide us through whatever comes!

Each of us has stories to tell and lessons we’ve learned along the way. I would say for the Frauhiger family our “life banner” is that Jesus is real and we want to encourage you as you live your life story. Our stories on this earth are not complete until they bury us in the grave. Even then, we live on in the lives we’ve touched! Your story is no more or no less important than anyone else’s. Embrace your stories, learn from your mistakes, grow your strengths, love the people around you, and most importantly let Jesus reign in your life. That my friend is a life well lived!

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