One Step

It was five months ago that the tornado virtually demolished our dairy farm (click here and here if you don’t know what we are talking about). Each day, we are taking the next step. One decision we needed to make, was whether to keep this website or not. At this point, we still want to keep it going. Yet, we realize it needs a new focus and thus refaced. Like about everything else with the farm, there’s not a grand scheme on how this is going to turn out.

Over the next few months our website will be under construction. We don’t have a well-laid plan and we are technically challenged in the world of “websiting” (I made that word up). Sometimes, you just have to “jump ship and start swimming”! This is not a terrific life-motto to live by, but occasionally it is what needs done.

I found this two minute video clip on YouTube a few years ago, and I have watched it an embarrassing number of times since. Every time I watch this little bird, it reminds me of how we should face life.

One thousand steps starts with one…


Let’s “roll-up our wings” and take the next step.

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