Picking Up The Pieces

Not much has changed since our last post. Our work life goals are moving in slow-motion, but there’s plenty to keep us busy. Meanwhile our family/personal lives are flying by like normal. Truthfully, if we were living this post-tornado experience alone it would be too mentally and physically overwhelming. There are two things holding us together: Jesus and all of you!

For most of us, at some point, our well-run lives will disintegrate in some form. What enables someone to pick up the pieces? For us, it’s been Jesus and those around us praying us through and loving us! As of now, we are just stepping out and trying things.

Along for the ride

  • Dad and Mom are trying their hands at raising young steers. They are also renting out some of their land and cattle lots.
  • Travis and Jenna are wrapping up the business side of Mr. Tornado. Meanwhile, their minds are going a mile a minute thinking of next step possibilities.
  • Tyson and Amanda are joining Bill and Bethany at Ramseyer Excavating. Everyone should try running a few dozers at least once in their life, right?!

Are these our “next five years” plan? We have no idea! What we do know is that we have a God who sees in the dark and into the future! The path ahead remains unknown, but it’s the difficult roads that usually are the most beautiful story!


So many times while writing these blogs, we think of you readers. We want to rejoice with you in the victories of life and walk with you through the tough things. Life is a balancing act of acknowledging the difficulties and embracing the joys!

Whatever your day holds, don’t walk it alone!





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