Indian Camp 2019

A few years back, Bethany brought up the idea of doing “Indian Camp” with the kiddos. This was something Bethany grew up doing with her family and loved it. The idea sounded really neat to all of us, however; we didn’t have any experience with something like this. Most of us have a very long-standing, close, and personal relationship with our own beds, so…this Indian camp business was definitely a foreign concept!

Indian camp 2019
Indian Camp has only gotten better over the years. Partly, because the kids are getting older and can help out more, but also because what use to just be Bethany’s vision and plan, has now become an event that we all appreciate and really look forward to! It’s such a joy to see the kids’ excitement for Indian Camp, and so gratifying to watch them pitch in and help!

Indian Camp 2019
Looking for lamb’s quarter

Each year we learn new things (adults included). Aunt Bethany is always sharing some random facts with us, sometimes it’s the older kids teaching the younger kids (be still my heart), and you can usually count on one of the uncles to share a story (technically their stories tend to be more on the ‘tall tale’ side).

I have to quote Cash here…We were on our hike looking for sticks to make fishing poles, berries for breakfast pancakes, and lamb’s quarter (an edible weed). We were all getting hot and beginning to get hungry. In an ‘I’m hot and tired’ voice Cash said, “I am sooo hot!” I explained that the Indians were outside all day and how they probably got really hot. He then replied matter-of-factly, “I’m glad we are just fake Indians”! To all you real Indians out there (past and present), we tip our hats to you!

Indian Camp 2019

Hopefully Tara has time to put together a slideshow of Indian Camp! No pressure though Tara 😉

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