It’s A Journey

Right now, our “farming” is an expedition into the unfamiliar. So often, in life we just want to arrive at the final destination/outcome. Yet, it’s usually in the trek to our destination that we discover, build character, and learn to look past ourselves.

Thank you Shaun for another drone video of our farm. This one is after quite a bit of clean-up has been done.



Hey, we still have half of a shop, some feed, mulch, and compost.


The post-tornado process has its ups and downs. We grieve some, we are hesitantly excited, we are tired, but we are upheld. It’s a journey into the unknown. The unknown and unfamiliar is scary, because you don’t know what’s ahead. Oftentimes though, the unknown takes you down paths that are filled with the best scenery. The cautious and efficient side of us wants to just travel the “interstate”. Yet the daring and courageous side of us is learning to embrace the process and the journey. Mainly because, we have a trustworthy Guide!


We are so thankful to have a break in the rain. Planting began in full swing last week for local farmers. We are still cleaning up the farm, but hauling manure, cutting rye and hay is also underway.


Going to the calf barns is fun and full of life. Sparkle and Tornado are doing well!


Find the joy in the journey friend!

"Throwing" tires
Acting like it’s ‘no sweat’ covering feed.

One thought on “It’s A Journey

  1. Now this is an encouraging Post. God bless your Journey. Nice to see the happy calves. I hope your cows are recovering from the trauma.


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