Meet Sparkle

Sparkle and Mom
We are happy to announce that Sparkle arrived at 8:08 am on Sunday, February 24th, 2019. She weighed approximately 90 pounds. Her Sire (father), Jo-Dancer, was not present for the delivery due to his promiscuous nature.  Many said he was excited about his 6,432nd daughter. Sparkle’s Dam (mother), Merit 8632 is doing great! Especially, considering this is her first baby ever at the age of 20 months. When we asked Merit 8632 what her plans for the future were, she said she desires to be a cash cow and really start building a family. We were glad to hear this. Sparkle replied that she just wants to get her feet under her shortly and grow up quickly to be a good example to her future siblings.

We are elated here at Frauhiger Livestock for this new family! Welcome to the family Sparkle!

Sparkle Day 1

Sorry for the white-eyed pictures. Barn lighting isn’t ideal for a photo shoot.

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