This Story Is No “Bull”

We’ve enjoyed reading your comments on Facebook and this website.  Don’t be shy, keep them coming.

We were deciding between two stories.  The first one was just a very memorable bull our neighbors, the Neuenschwanders, owned. The bull’s name was Dynamite. For those of us who remember Dynamite, his size alone left an impression–especially for kids! Nevertheless, as promised, here is our “bull story”. I, Travis, will be telling this story. Gather the kids, some popcorn, and enjoy the read. Rated: G

One rainy and muddy day the cows got out of their pen. It was up to Dad and me to get them back. Dad decided to get the tractor and round them up since it was so muddy out. I was in charge of watching the open pasture near the road. I was to guide the cows towards the buildings and away from the road. As the animals were rounding up, my group of cows were running in a single-file line up towards the building. This pleased me very much, until very suddenly the bull split from the lineup, lowered his head, and challenged me. I made a few quick gestures and soon realized this bull is not backing down.  I made a swift decision to run, very fast. I then did a hail-Mary dive thru the electric fence just before the bull made contact with me. The fence held him back.

After stomping and pawing around for a bit the bull decides to take off back towards the other animals. I decide this is a good opportunity to keep the bull running towards the buildings. So, I jumped over the fence and continued chasing him. My plan temporarily worked–until the bull does a 180 on me! I mimiced the bull’s motion and I myself do a 180, running for my life. By then I was too far from the fence to dive through again. The nearest safe haven was a tall bean field. I beat the bull to the bean field and dove to the ground.

The beans were tall enough the bull lost sight of me. To my surprise, the bull used one of his other senses, his nose. He began sniffing me out. I realized the bull would find me shortly. I jumped up like a rabbit and blitzed towards the fence again, barely getting there in time.  The bull was really upset at this point, and I’m wondering how long that fence would separate us.

Shortly after, Dad arrived from the back field, in the tractor. He was coming up behind the animals that were loose. From the tractor he realized by my screaming and waving the bull had me in a distressed position. Dad charged the bull with the tractor and the bull hit it head on! After about twenty seconds of the bull trying to attack the tractor, he realized this was a losing battle and ran away. The tractor had the bull’s respect and he ran in front of it, back to his pen.

The incident really shook me up for a while, and heightened my respect for these powerful animals.


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