The Myth, The Man, The Legend

As this website began and we were thinking about what content to include, Roger came to mind again and again.  For those of you who don’t know Roger, he’s a man that started working for our Grandpa, and then just fazed into working for us.  Roger has a very special place in our hearts that no one can ever replace!

Roger rode his bike to work and everywhere else.  He rode his bike for miles and miles.  Roger loved pop (and still does)!  If he really liked you, he’d say, “You know, you’re just alright (insert person’s name)”.  He loved to drive skid loaders and was as tough as nails!  He would share to a fault.  He was just one of those “steady-Eddies” of our childhood.  His role on our farm over the years changed, but his happy-go-lucky personality remains to this day.

Right now, Roger is in a retirement home with his sister Glennis.  If you ever want to have your day brightened and brighten his, stop by and visit him. There are many, many “Roger” stories, but I’ll leave you with this one.


Growing up, we kids were not always as nice as we should have been to Roger.  Thankfully, we’ve grown up… Anyway, we were instructed by Mom that whenever Roger came to the door and asked for food we were suppose to make him two sandwiches, not just one.  I am telling you that man had a bottomless pit, and it seemed like he visited our backdoor very, very frequently.  I am sure we kids always had super positive, servant-like attitudes too. Just kidding.

One day, like normal, Roger came to the door and wanted a sandwich.  We kids got the bright idea to “liven” up Roger’s sandwich and see if we could get a reaction.  So, we made him two cold meat and cheese sandwiches like normal, except we “doctored” them up with plenty of horseradish.  We gave him the sandwiches and then waited by the window to see his reaction.  If my memory serves me correctly, he gave a “Whoo, wow” expression and then carried on about his business.  We felt pretty smug.

Fast forward to a few days later… Roger again came to the door asking for a sandwich.  I turned around to go make him his sandwiches.  Then the door opened again, Roger popped his head in, and said, “Hey, and can you add that hot stuff on it again, I really liked it!”

I guess we didn’t get the last laugh after all.  We love you Roger!

Screenshot_2018-10-23 Tara Frauhiger on Instagram “Mooched a Tootsie Pop from Grandma Annie in her office then wandered ove[...](10)

3 thoughts on “The Myth, The Man, The Legend

  1. I always got a kick out of Roger. He always had something to say n his laugh always got me. A really good man


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