Starting Our Website

We are a little behind the times in starting a website, but better late than never.  The first step is to start. Check.  Now where we go from here is a little unknown.

Our main goal is to keep you informed on what we do and provide here at Frauhiger Livestock.  Yet at the heart of what we do, we want to build our community in positive ways and to share our passion!

We wish there was a simple and easy way to explain what Frauhiger Livestock entails, but there’s not. We love Jesus and try to live our lives by the whole Bible. We love our families, and we love what farming has been for our family.  We love our community. We love a good challenge (at least most of the time).  So if we had to sum up Frauhiger Livestock, we’d have to say that it involves a mix of all of the above.  It’s messy and beautify all at the same time.  If you want to know more, you can contact us or just hang on for the ride as we share stories here.

Screenshot_2018-10-23 Tara Frauhiger on Instagram “Mooched a Tootsie Pop from Grandma Annie in her office then wandered ove[...](14)


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